Warning to the Media: The Great Silent Majority is Still Here

#liberty  Warning to the Media: The Great Silent Majority is Still Here

Warning to the Media: The Great Silent Majority is Still Here

By Steve Balich -February 9, 202001

Warning to the Media: The Great Silent Majority is Still Here

By Newt Gingrich

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The recent revelations that ABC avoided covering the story of Jeffrey Epstein’s scandals (potentially involving the husband of the Democratic nominee for president) in 2016 are simply amazing but sadly not a surprise to most Americans.

The network’s pathetic explanation that the story was not thoroughly provable contrasts amazingly with its eagerness – and the eagerness of all the elite media – to repeat every unprovable smear of Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation process.

As Lee Smith outlined so thoroughly in his new book The Plot Against the President, the elite media has been the accomplice in spreading uncorroborated and often totally false attacks on President Trump and on many of his supporters, including Kavanaugh and Congressman Devin Nunes.

Now, with CBS firing the person the network believed to be a whistleblower who used to work for ABC, we see the relentlessness and viciousness of the elite media’s willingness to defend itself. Remember, this is the same media which is passionately protecting a whistleblower’s identity when the whistleblower is trying to hurt President Trump. Now that the media’s interest is endangered, it hunts down a suspected whistleblower – even after the person changed companies and denies being a whistleblower at all.

It makes me wonder why CBS would want to protect ABC.

This is a great moment for The Washington Post to live up to its new motto “democracy dies in darkness.” However, I doubt if either The Post or The New York Times will come out in defense of a media whistleblower – or in outrage that a scandal was hidden to protect the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016.

What the elite media does not understand is that the American people are not stupid.

We watch these kinds of maneuvers – and we know the fix is in.

We see one standard for savaging and smearing Justice Kavanaugh and another standard for protecting liberal Democrats.

We read in The Plot Against the President page-after-page of detailed accounts of reporters enthusiastically accepting false information from the Justice Department, intelligence officials, and Democratic operatives – all maximizing the sensationalism of attacking President Trump.

The establishment is so totally hostile to President Trump that the Pulitzer Committee gave Pulitzer Prizes to both The New York Times and The Washington Post for what we now know was false information based on leaks that were simply wrong. Of course, no one has suggested the two papers return the Pulitzer Prizes – which they won for printing fake news.

We saw this kind of gap between the American people and the elite media back in 1969.

Then, the divide was mostly about the Vietnam War and the support of Communism. President Richard Nixon saw this combination of left-wing activists and the elite media working to widen the divides in America. So, he gave one of the most remarkable presidential speeches in our history.

As the Nixon Foundation reports, an estimated 70 million Americans watched Nixon’s televised speech on Nov. 3, 1969 (50 years ago this month). In the speech, Nixon made a direct appeal to Americans who were watching violent protests over the war – and hearing and reading the elite media’s promotion of radicalism – and were confused about how and why the country had become so crazy. Nixon said, “tonight–to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans–I ask for your support.”

According to the Nixon Foundation, the next day, the White House mail room received more than 50,000 telegrams and 30,000 letters in support of the President. Gallup soon reported Nixon’s approval rating at 68 percent – and he then went on in 1972 to win re-election by 60.7 percent over a radically liberal Democrat. It was one of the biggest landslides in US presidential election history.

Nixon had pushed through the noise and found the pulse of “the great silent majority” in such way that rendered the loud radicals mute.

Of course, Nixon resigned months later over the Watergate scandal – and that is the only thing the elite media remembers about the Nixon administration. After all, it’s much more cathartic for the elite media to repudiate Nixon for Watergate than it is to acknowledge that his re-election was a repudiation of the elite media.

Similarly, we see the media now bending over backwards to support the absurdly hollow impeachment effort against President Trump (his election was also a repudiation of the elite media).

As we watch the grotesque dishonesty and bias coverage today, it is helpful to remember that despite the media’s best efforts to slant everything, Justice Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, the Clintons are not back in the White House, and President Trump is almost certainly going to be re-elected by America’s “great silent majority.”

This is the real lesson coming to us from Nixon’s speech 50 years ago.

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