Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #60 By Stephen Moore

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Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #60 By Stephen Moore

By Steve Balich -August 1, 202001

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #60

NOTE TO OUR VALUED READERS: We apologize that this issue is longer than most and we pride ourselves on short and bite-sized items.  We know from the responses we get that this is what you like, but there are so many crazy things going on in our great country, and we are having trouble keeping up with the madness as we try to spread the truth. Our piece today on Andrew Cuomo, the worst governor in America by a mile being exalted by the press for “doing it right” is just one example of how upside down the world is today.  Another is the media’s DANGEROUS propaganda campaign to re-shut the economy.  These are important items today so we hope you can spare the time to read to the end. 

1) New York: And the Worst Shall Be First

Regular readers of the Hotline know that there is no governor in America who has caused more death and destruction in his state than New York’s Andrew Cuomo.  So we were more than a little dumbfounded when the governor took a victory lap yesterday, saying;

 “Three months of New Yorkers working hard, doing the right thing and taking this seriously, the state has its lowest COVID-19 hospitalization rate since this started. Facts are facts, and what we’re saying in New York is we did the right thing. New Yorkers have been locked up and closed their businesses. We have the virus under control finally.”

Well facts are indeed facts so let’s review them one more time. Cuomo took a shot at Republican governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbot of Texas for their rise in case loads in those states in recent weeks.  

So let’s compare the performance of these three states in keeping citizens safe.  The chart shows that through June 22, New Yorkers were 8 to 10 times more likely to die of coronavirus than Floridians and more than 15 times more likely to die than Texans.  New York has far and away the highest death rate of any state.  The state’s economy lies in shambles with an unemployment rate of more than 15 percent, New York City may never recover from the lockdowns and riots, the state budget is so out of balance that Cuomo has admitted there is no way to pay the bills in Albany without a massive bailout from the residents of the other 49 states.  This is a liberal success story?  

The only thing more remarkable about Cuomo’s dance in the end zone is that the morons in the media actually think he scored a touchdown. 

2) Cases Keep Going Up and Deaths Keep Going Down

It’s getting curiouser and curiouser. Adjusting for the New Jersey data revision adding over 1,800 old “probable” deaths from months ago, yesterday’s 646 death total was the lowest on a Thursday since March. So deaths nationally continue their march lower with now 14 consecutive days of decline in the 7-day average. Tests and cases continue to skyrocket with a record 640,000 tests yesterday including over 41,000 positives.

The death and case trends have largely decoupled from each other, and it remains to be seen whether the rise in hospitalizations — much smaller than the rise in cases — in California, Arizona, and Texas will result in enough deaths to deflect the national totals upwards. The captured cases are much younger and much less likely to get sick.  

The key priority for the states that are experiencing rising hospitalizations is to avoid the nursing home mistakes that New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc made.  

New York and the rest of the seven meltdown states repeatedly sent the most infectious patients into nursing homes full of the most vulnerable residents — who then went back to the hospitals in far larger numbers. That cycle must be avoided.

Second, don’t lockdown the economy.  Lockdowns don’t save lives as the high mortality rates in the northeastern states have definitively proven.  

The media reports on the blue line, not the red line. 

3) CDC Finally States The Obvious

“This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. “We probably recognized about 10 percent of the outbreak.”http://hill.cm/dkqifJO

No kidding. We’ve been saying this for months, and of course the implication is that the vast majority of people have mild or totally asymptomatic infections, which means the virus is far less lethal than originally thought. Protect the vulnerable; don’t lock down the economy.

4) Travel Quarantine Was Unconstitutional in March; Now It’s Essential

Governor Andrew Cuomo is consistent only in his inconsistency. He is now ordering a 14 day self-quarantine on visitors to New York from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, or Texas (but not, curiously, California). They will be told they must isolate themselves or face fines of up to $10,000. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8458189/New-York-Governor-Andrew-Cuomos-order-stop-state-license-plates-impose-fines-10-000-doesnt-stick-14-day-quarantine-unenforceable-comes-threatened-sue-states-imposed-similar-restricti.html

The irony here is that it was Cuomo himself who last March threatened to sue Rhode Island when it briefly imposed the same requirement on visitors from New York. https://www.providencejournal.com/news/20200328/gov-cuomo-threatens-to-sue-ri-over-order-to-seek-new-yorkers

Cuomo called the order “reactionary” and “unconstitutional.”

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo backed down.

Now New York cops will stop cars with license plates from the affected states to ask the person why they are not quarantining and how long they have been in the state. Hotel clerks also will be asked to drop the dime on violators.

The supreme irony of this is that people aren’t going to New York –  they are leaving the Empire State by the thousands every week.  At least 30 percent of New York City residents are gone and many will never come back. If Cuomo wants to keep out-of-staters from entering New York he can be our guest.  This would be like East Germans saying that the purpose of the Berlin Wall was to keep all the West Germans from sneaking into their country to experience the wonders of communism.  

5) Oregon County Reverses Racial Exemption on Mask Wearing

“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race,” Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts once wrote, “is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Officials in Lincoln County, Oregon forgot that basic tenet earlier this month when they issued an order requiring everyone to wear masks in public – with one exception. People of color – who they said might be fearful of harassment – did not have to wear masks. Their decision struck some public health experts as curious because African-Americans are more likely to come down with COVID-19.

On Wednesday, Lincoln leaders backtracked in the face of withering national criticism. https://www.co.lincoln.or.us/hhs/page/statement-lincoln-county-leadership-62420

But they couldn’t resist adding to their reversal a stern message for local residents who opposed the original policy:

“We would encourage you to think less about the possibility of your rights being violated and think instead of the heightened feelings of risk that people of color in your neighborhoods daily endure.” County officials then promised to draw up a broader plan to address systemic racism.

It’s clear where the Left is heading. Constitutional principles must be set aside so all attention can focus on systemic racism.

6) CHOP Shuts Down (and a Tear Drops Down Our Cheek)

But we thought you would all enjoy this firsthand account what life was life in paradise before they tragically ran out of food, toilet paper, spray paint and parental guidance.
This from Libby Albert, who works with our friend Brandon Straka at #WalkAway. “My experience there was surprisingly peaceful until it wasn’t. Initially I thought, what’s the big deal with people peacefully protesting and supporting BLM?
 You can see these details later in footage captured by Brandon Straka, CHOP orchestrated a small society where you are expected to worship black people. That may not seem like something you didn’t know from the footage you’ve undoubtedly seen. But, you can’t really understand it without being there. Let me try to explain further.
 In CHOP, black people can literally do anything they want and as a white person, you’re expected to question nothing, concede to everything and apologize for being you.

It’s like a test to prove how un-racist you are by allowing a black person to do ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how humiliating – all in the interest of being the most self-loathing, ultra woke white person on the planet.  Let me be clear, this is what I saw with my own eyes. I experienced it myself when an angry mob came after us because we weren’t doing enough to help a black man throwing a temper tantrum over a naked white man sitting in “his” field.
 My experience shook me because this is becoming a thing. The amount of hate is overwhelming for any human being to stand, and yet myself and my team are faced with it constantly. Constantly! And this is the society CHOP is creating. Everything is racist. Being white is NOW racist.
 Silver lining: There are still A LOT of good people in the world. I have to remind myself this by shutting off social media and the news and getting out into the real world. I still chat with my black neighbors (who are amazing BTW). My kids still play with the neighborhood kids, many of whom are black.  I get to hang out with parents of ALL colors at my kid’s football games. They don’t treat me like an oppressor and I don’t treat them like they’re oppressed.   #BeKind#WalkAway

7) Oldie But Goody from the Far Side


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