Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #32 By Stephen Moore

Economy  Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #32 By Stephen Moore

Unleash Prosperity Hotline Issue #32 By Stephen Moore

By Steve Balich -May 21, 202001

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1) Colorado First State to Report ACTUAL Deaths Due to  COVID-19
Wait what?  What are all the counters and trackers and breathless media reports adding, up anyway?  They are all using the expanded CDC definition which includes literally any cause of death in the presence of a positive SARS-Cov2 test.  Colorado is now reporting both the CDC number, which they call “deaths among cases” and a new “deaths due to COVID-19” number which is… 23% lower.  We have the story at National Review:
Time for all the other states to step up and report the real numbers.
2) The Roll Call on Nancy’s Nasty $3 Trillion Bill
There was just one Republican who voted for that monstrosity, Peter King (RINO-NY).
These 14 Democrats vote no:

207 Democrats voted for that monstrosity. The Senate has said it will not take up the bill.
3) Oh NOW Cuomo tells us
New York reports 5,740 nursing home/long-term care COVID-19 deaths, but we know he real number is probably at least double that. As numbers started to mount, New York quietly changed the definition of a long-term care death from the one being used by every other state — deaths of residents, regardless of where the death occurred — to a new much more narrow definition. 

The footnote on the New York report reads: “This data does not reflect COVID-19 confirmed or COVID-19 presumed positive deaths that occurred outside of the facility.”
Under fire for underreported nursing home deaths in the aftermath of his directive that forced nursing homes to take infectious patients even if they lacked the ability to safely isolate them, Cuomo shared this wisdom yesterday:

I’m sorry, but why the lockdown, then? 

4) Lockdowns Shrink Health Care Employment
It’s a strange health care emergency that would lead to dramatic drops in employment at hospitals and doctor’s offices.  This graph vividly displays what banning so-called elective surgeries and checkups has done to the industry.

5) Classic Washington Post Headline

Don’t you love how they put “freedom” in quotes?
The article by a psychology professor at Stanford whose thesis is that in the U.S. “the relationship of citizens and the government” is much more suspect than in Europe.
“Germans are twice as likely as Americans to have confidence in government,” we are scolded. 
Yes, and look where that got them in the 1930s. 
Stay tuned: very soon we will start seeing the media writing things like: “so-called freedom of speech,” and “alleged freedom of religious rights,” and “alleged right to bear arms.”
6) Study: Virus Brought To Animal Market By Someone Who Already Had Disease?
A study by three scientists concludes that the Corona virus was taken to the “wet market” in Wuhan, China by someone already infected with the disease.
“The publicly available genetic data does not point to cross-species transmission of the virus at the market,” say scientists Alina Chan, Ben Deverman and Shing Zhan. The first two are with the Broad Institute, which is affiliated with Harvard and MIT, and Zhan is from the University of British Columbia.
In their paper, they said  were “surprised” to discover the coronavirus was “already pre-adapted to human transmission.” But they cautioned that every avenue for animal to human transmission must be studied: “The possibility that a non-genetically engineered precursor could have adapted to humans while being studied in a laboratory should be considered,”

7) Anti-Hero Of The Day: The Mad Modeler Would’ve Been Fired In Private Sector
The searing criticisms of the infamous Imperial College model that helped steer governments in Britain and the U.S. to lockdowns keep getting hotter.
The latest is from technology experts interviewed by Britains’ Daily Telegraph. 

The Imperial College model, developed by the now disgraced mathematician Neil Ferguson, was described as a “buggy mess that looks more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a finely tuned piece of programming” by David Richards, co-founder of the British data technology company WANdisco.
“In our commercial reality, we would fire anyone for developing code like this and any business that relied on it to produce software for sale would likely go bust.”
Ferguson has since resigned from all of his government positions after it was discovered he had violated quarantine orders ater testing positive to see his married lover.
8) Quote of the Day – I Left My Job in San Francisco
“Tech companies are reconsidering the importance of being in San Francisco. Oracle, for example, has moved its yearly conference to Las Vegas. After nearly 50 years, Charles Schwab is moving its headquarters out of town… Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, said that the company planned to have a more distributed workforce in the future and be less concentrated in San Francisco. With tech companies operating remotely while their employees shelter in place, how many of these workers will return to their San Francisco offices after the Covid-19 crisis subsides is an open question.”
California venture capitalist Michael Gibson, writing in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal
9) RUN!


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