The Crisis of the American System

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The Crisis of the American System

By Steve Balich -February 26, 202002

230-304: The Crisis of the American System

The Crisis of the American System

By Newt Gingrich

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230 Democratic House members decided to repudiate the 304 electors who chose Donald Trump to be president.

Another way to think of it is that 230 House Democrats felt they had more of a right to decide who should be president than the 62,979,636 Americans who voted for President Trump. Apparently, in the Speaker Pelosi caucus, they thought each Democratic Congressman outweighed 273,824 Americans who voted for Trump. After all their nominee told them Trump voters were “deplorable.”

The Left wants to forget that President Trump actually won the Electoral College in a landslide, 304 to 227 for Hillary Clinton.

The Left prefers to emphasize that Secretary Clinton won the popular vote, but they always ignore the reality that outside of California President Trump had a 1,405,004 vote majority. So in 49 states, including all those in which they both competed, Trump got a majority. Only the huge margin in California, where Trump did not campaign, gave Clinton her claim to a majority.

In fact, there is every reason to believe that had popular vote been the key to victory, Trump would have campaigned in California and cut into Hillary’s margin.

Ironically, Donald Trump, the amateur in his first race, understood that under our Constitution winning the Electoral College was decisive and the popular vote was irrelevant. Secretary Clinton, who had been in politics her entire adult life, apparently forgot the Constitution’s emphasis on the Electoral College rather than the popular vote.

We now know that people began writing and talking about impeaching candidate Trump as early as April 2016, months before he won the election and was inaugurated.

If you look at the number of Democrats who were for impeaching President Trump before anyone knew anything about a Ukrainian phone call you know that impeachment was an event waiting for an excuse. The Ukrainian phone call did not lead to the impeachment movement. The impeachment movement had been looking for an excuse, and when Mueller’s Report collapsed without finding President Trump guilty of anything, the impeachers desperately looked for something they could use.

The impeachers found the Ukrainian phone call, the call did not find the impeachers.

The most sobering aspect of all this is the profound level of corruption, arrogance, and dishonesty which has infected the national establishment in general and the deep state, in particular.

This extraordinarily painful process for President Trump and his family may, in fact, be the beginning of a national exposure of dishonesty and corruption on a scale none of us would have thought possible.

The combination of Inspector General Horowitz’s report on malfeasance in the FBI; the fact that the report shows conclusively that Devin Nunes, the Republican House Intelligence Chairman told the truth and his successor, Adam Schiff consistently lied; Lee Smith’s book The Plot Against the President, written with the help of the House Intelligence Committee Republicans; the clear linkage of the establishment news media to the most dishonest and in many cases law-breaking elements of the deep state; the reports on over a decade of dishonesty from our government about the state of the conflict in Afghanistan; and the Federal Communications Commission report that major telephone companies lied about the amount of mobile coverage they provided rural America — again and again we are seeing the breakdown of the American system in ways that amount to a crisis of the entire establishment structure.

As the Democrats’ fake impeachment process further weakens both their own credibility and the credibility of the fake news media, the Left will have less and less ability to defend itself.

As the average American grows disgusted with feces in the streets of our major cities, schools that cannot prepare students to pass basic exams, communist district attorneys who believe they can pick and choose which laws to enforce and which lawbreakers to prosecute, the energy behind the rise of Trumpism is going to continue to grow.

The thousands in Michigan cheering the President were vastly more real and more important than the 230 Democratic House members Speaker Pelosi was lecturing to pretend to be solemn and not celebrate.

The Democrats have sewn the whirlwind, and in 2020 they will begin to reap it.

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