Painted Into A Corner by M.E. Boyd, Esq., “Miss Constitution”

#impeachment  Painted Into A Corner by M.E. Boyd, Esq., “Miss Constitution”

By Steve Balich -November 11, 201901


               Painted Into A Corner


M.E. Boyd, Esq., “Miss Constitution”

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Last week Miss Constitution explained how the impeachment process is supposed to be conducted. It must begin with a vote to inquire by the whole House of Representatives; it must be bipartisan; it must include scrupulous Due Process; and it must not be too close to an election regarding the subject of the inquiry. This week, I’m afraid, new complications have arisen that add new layers of complexity to an already messy issue. Miss Constitution is concerned she may not be able to explain all this clearly enough to a public that is already completely confused. After all, in a man-on-the-street-interview recently a young man in NY was asked what holiday we are celebrating on Monday, November 11. His answer was Black Friday. Oh dear. . .

It was revealed this week that the lead attorney for the civil servant who asserted that the President had made an improper call to the President of Ukraine tweeted in January of 2017 that a coup was underway to resist a duly elected President and to impeach him and remove him from office. Included was the assertion that CNN would play a large part in this attempt. So, in addition to the House of Representatives conducting its part of the impeachment process improperly, we now have an admission of potential fraud in the impeachment process if any actions were taken in furtherance of this “coup.” This needs to be investigated by the Attorney General immediately. There is a difference between someone bragging or boasting and someone or some group taking actual steps in furtherance of the illegal.

Miss Constitution thinks we need to be careful about our language. A coup is a political move to overthrow an existing government by force. An insurrection is resistance to the government, inciting and assisting in the overthrow of the government. Both are illegal if proved true. Whether a coup or an insurrection, the deliberate and knowing attempt to remove a duly elected President of the United States unrelated to his behavior in office is illegal, and destructive of the Constitutional concept of peaceful transfer of power through elections.  It is the equivalent of being mad at the baby-sitter so burning down the house. Miss Constitution thinks the entire impeachment process should be halted until an investigation into a potential organized insurrection is investigated, including any involvement by persons related to the impeachment inquiry.

My goodness; Miss Constitution is breathless with anxiety about the state of our nation. She has watched closely as the confirmed Attorney General of a new administration recused himself, for inexplicable reasons, and a Special Prosecutor was appointed to investigate a Russian/Trump conspiracy to deny Hillary Clinton the Presidency of the United States. The investigation found no conspiracy, but questions linger about the authenticity and legality of actions by certain civil servants, foreign governments, and some elected officials regarding the appointment of the Special Prosecutor. Reports regarding this authenticity, investigated by an Inspector General and a federal prosecutor, are to be released soon.

Next, a civil servant came forward to allege an improper telephone call by the President of the United States to a foreign leader and the Inspector General of the intelligence community deemed it credible and urgent for some reason. This person did not hear the call and is not, in fact, technically a “whistleblower” as defined by statute. This is just a person with an opinion he got from others with opinions. The President released a transcript of the call to the public thinking this transparency would clear him. It did not. Witnesses are being called that fall under the executive privilege of the Executive Branch of the federal government and their proper refusal to testify is related to the public as obstruction of Congress and admission of guilt. The ultimate Catch 22.

The President is the sole organ of the federal government relative to international relations. United States v. Curtiss-Wright Corp. (1936). His calls to foreign leaders are automatically classified and not to be disclosed as they are critical in his representation of the nation in the day-to-day negotiations with foreign leaders. The President has possibly diminished the power of the Executive Branch in releasing this call as no foreign leader can take the risk of talking candidly, by phone, to this American President again. The public, however, can assess the propriety of the call for itself and the public’s view can be reflected in the election next Fall. If, in fact, Ukraine did interfere with the 2016 American election and/or there were irregularities regarding public policy and Vice-President Biden’s son’s position in a Ukrainian utility company then the President was correct to inquire about it with the President of Ukraine.

So, whether orchestrated or not, we have all these players on the national stage painting themselves into a corner. The Speaker of the House began an impeachment inquiry improperly. The Rules of the inquiry now belatedly voted on include another improper attack on executive privilege as a price for possible permission for witnesses. Congress is not allowed to diminish the powers and privileges of a co-equal branch of the federal government. The head of the House Intelligence Committee is leaking what is supposed to be secret testimony so that the public only hears one side of the story and polls are influenced. This whole thing is a confusing mess and now we have the added dimension of the admission of a possible coup or insurrection by members of the intelligence community, the Department of State, the White House itself, appointed senior officials, and some elected members of Congress. The only thing left would be the inclusion in a coup of an important member of the military.

The “establishment” has now almost completely painted itself into a corner Constitutionally speaking. Miss Constitution feels all should stop until we get to the bottom of why and how this is happening and until we can read reports of current investigations and determine their accuracy. The Supreme Court will not want to deal with all this, but it will, before civil war breaks out, and the vote will be 9-0 in favor of the Constitution of the United States and a return to sanity through proper process. No wonder the average citizen and Sovereign thinks a Monday holiday is Black Friday. Miss Constitution cannot blame them. Heads must roll for any proved illegal actions in furtherance of improperly removing a sitting President of the United States. Isn’t it interesting how fast a solid system can disintegrate? An important lesson from history We the People need to take seriously.

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