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Keep America Energy Independent

By Steve Balich -August 1, 202001

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The coronavirus pandemic has been tough for America’s energy workers. Falling prices and demand have forced frackers and drillers to shut off wells and shed jobs. The United States has taken some important steps to stabilize the global market, but the industry is still looking at a difficult few years — soon after America became the world’s biggest producer of oil and natural gas.

So, it’s strange that the left wants to do even more damage. Joe Biden wants to ban a lot of new fracking, and it’s now an article of faith for most progressives that oil and gas should stay in the ground forever. Never mind that this would make America more dependent on foreign energy and cripple an industry that has created huge job and wage gains for workers over the past decade. Attacking energy production is a great way to undermine our country, injure our economy, and endanger the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

Policymakers — in both parties — should be looking for ways to keep American energy flowing and growing, especially right now. Not only will this be key for the coronavirus recovery, it will strengthen our security. This is an issue that isn’t hard.

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