Equal Rights Amendment is back… sort of

#SupremeCourt  Equal Rights Amendment is back… sort of

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Equal Rights Amendment is back… sort of

By Steve Balich -April 12, 202001

Equal Rights Amendment is back… sort of

By Jay Baker

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The Equal Rights Amendment died in 1979 (thank Heavens) when its ratification deadline passed without the support of enough states. Even still, through shifty political shenanigans lefty politicians kept trying to bring it back past its ratification deadline. For three more years it was like a zombie that kept reanimating as the Feminazies and their enablers kept up their sleight of hand hoping beyond hope to get enough states on board. Meanwhile, several states that had voted for the amendment rescinded their ratification.

With the #MeToo movement and 4th wave feminism having picked up steam over the last several years, the ERA zombie is being prodded to life once more. It’s like Dr. Frankenstein has raised the putrid corpse into the storm and is just waiting for the lightning bolt to strike.

Last month, Virginia’s new leftist government found time between bills to steal the 2nd Amendment rights of its citizens and voted to ratify the ERA, bringing to 38 the total number of states on board (if you ignore the five that rescinded their ratification).

Now that Nancy Pelosi and her Commiecrat minions in the U.S. House of Representatives have moved on from their first Trump impeachment effort and in light of Virginia’s move, that stinking, rotting corpse is drawing the interest of the Feminazis in Congress. California Congressweasel Jackie Speier took to the House floor last week and called for the House to pass the ERA because “we need (it) now.”

“Women are sick and tired of being second-class citizens in their own country. The absence of the ERA has meant that women can be paid less for their work, violated with impunity, and discriminated against simply for being who they are,” she said.

None of that is true. That women are paid less for the same work is a canard. Rape and sexual assault are still against the law. There are myriad of laws that prevent sexual discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere.

That an ERA is needed is fake news.

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